I’m Poppy Rose, a 22 year-old creative bean from England: grew up in Oxford, moved to Leeds when I was 16, to Berlin when I was 19, and I've been based here ever since. 

Right now I make crystal jewellery, host monthly “I Love My Body” creative gratitude workshops, host a podcast, and sometimes I write and sing songs.  

For 2018 and 2019, music was my everything: I was constantly travelling around Europe playing my songs in people’s living rooms with my best friend and fellow musician, Brea Robertson. With over 80 concerts across 6 countries under our belts, it’s safe to say we’ve had our fair share of adventures. I self-released a few EPs and played a few bigger concerts too, supporting the likes of Skinny Living (now New Familiar), James Gillespie, Caamp, Meadows and Fieh on their tours across Germany at some of my dream venues.  

I had so much fun giving music 100% of my energy and I am so grateful for all the fun I had and the opportunities I created and that were presented to me.




2020 has brought a lot of change.

I suffered a huge burn-out and depression at the end of 2019 which led me to re-evaluate a lot of things: mainly that my life wasn’t in balance at all.

I took some time to fully rest, recharge and reflect. I wanted to find who I was outside of this hectic busy music world where I was so focussed on “success”. I took time to explore new things, and have built myself back up slowly and carefully.

Now I juggle a lot of different projects, and I love them all, but I also have found the joy in living life slower, just being, and investing my energy into building community and friendships.

Brea and I started a podcast we could work on from home. It’s called Art-Work: conversations with creative people about the joys, challenges and mundane moment of pursuing an artistic life, featuring artists from across the globe.

I released a song called “I Love My Body” in late 2019, and it was played on the BBC Introducing (UK) and Fritz Radio (DE) a few times which was cool. Loving yourself and practising gratitude is a message that I am super passionate about, so I created an interactive gratitude workshop which I run every month on Zoom for women. It’s an evening of gratitude, connection, and creativity celebrating our beautiful bodies.

I also love working with crystals and run an Etsy shop selling my handmade crystal jewellery.




So yeah, this is a little bit about me. I'd love to get to know you, come and say hello over on Instagram.

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