Next Workshop: Tuesday 7th July 2020


I hereby invite you to an evening of gratitude, celebration, connection, and creativity from the cosiness of your own home, the first Tuesday of every month, 19:00 UK time on Zoom.

Since late 2019, I’ve been working on putting together a creative workshop inspired by my song 'I Love My Body'. I want to create a positive, safe space where we can celebrate and share gratitude for our human suits and connect with other awesome women.

I wrote the song 'I Love My Body' as a thank you note to my body, to all the trillions of cells that work together every moment of every day to keep me alive on this planet. My heart has been beating every second since I was born, and I never have to ask it to, it just does it. My lungs breathe in and out air constantly, never asking for thanks or anything in return. I started seeing this as unconditional love that my body was showing me and decided it’s time to show my body gratitude and thank it for all it does for me.

In the sessions, we will talk about practising gratitude to ourselves and our bodies, reflect on what we love about ourselves and what we are learning to love, and write our own verse to the song, which will double up as your own personal positive affirmations that you can write on a post-it note and stick on your mirror so you can remember every day to be thankful for your wonderful body (e.g. thank you to my heart for beating, and my lungs for breathing, I never asked them to). At the end of the workshop, I'll guide us through a short gratitude meditation.

Participation is £5 per session. Gals only for now, sorry lads. 

Please click here to email me if you are interested in coming to a session and I'll send you more information and the Zoom link.


"I would 100% recommend the workshop if you want to connect with your body outside of it's appearance."

"Thank you so much for putting this on - I think we all needed this and there's so many people out there who need it too!"


"Enlightening, calming."

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